Candidate Overview

Candidate Services

All recruiting agencies will have websites that talk about why you should hire their agency with their vast network of clients and recruiters. The fact is that the vast majority of Companies use more than one Agency for their searches.   ResourceOne is working with many of the same concepts. Where we differ, and excel, is our boutique approach.   We offer personalized services to our candidates and our clients. For this reason we have many clients who utilize ResourceOne on an exclusive basis or as a primary source of talent.

Our clients choose us for one, and only one, reason: We Deliver!

Why Candidates Choose ResourceOne International

The reasons for choosing ResourceOne are simple, but critical.

  1. Unsurpassed Service
    Have you ever had a recruiter contact you only to not hear from them again? We work closely with our candidates to understand your skills, experience, and aspirations. We will assist you with your resume to ensure your first impression is as good as it should be. We provide interview tips and techniques. We provide insight into our clients. We prepare our Candidates for the hiring process!
  2. Access to Clients
    We are a boutique firm with access to the major players in the market. We have access to those in positions of authority; decision makers. We will get your resume viewed rather than placed in a pile with everyone else.